The 60,000 sweaty fans in the Toronto Exhibition grounds were getting restless. It was 1984. I was 12 years old and this was my first rock concert. Ever.

Even at a gangly 6ft1, I still had to wobble and jostle for position to see the stage past the bikini strap backed blondes hoisted on their boyfriends shoulders.

“What's that idiot doing? We want MJ!!”. The groans reverberated through the stadium and the baffled looks on everyone’s faces seemed to be saying the same thing: something ain’t right here.

It was a juggler. The opening act…was a juggler. But not just any juggler. This was Michael Jackson’s friend Chris Bliss. It was the second last stop on the Jackson 5's Victory Tour.

And if you think they made strange bedfellows (on stage), you clearly weren’t in attendance when Prince opened for the Rolling Stones…

… in front of a drunk and rowdy crowd three years earlier dressed in little more than his guitar and a “leave nothing to the imagination” bikini brief.

Yeah, that was the time when Keith Richards had to step in and calm the beer tossing crowd from doing permanent damage to the Purple One’s.... ego.

An opening act on stage acts much like a headline on a landing page. It either gets people to stop what they’re doing and hurry to land their asses in seats…

…or it sends droves of potential new fans into the concession and merch lines where they can buy other people’s stuff.

In a landing page, the bullet points are like the first few tunes the “main act” plays. The hookier the better. The more a band can get their fans to sing along with the melodies and pump their fists in time with the gut punching choruses…

…the freer they are to command their fans to take action: to rise up, shout at the devil and fight for the guitar picks and drumsticks you throw into the crowd.

When you’re writing powerful bullets for a landing page, you want your prospects to shout out, “Hey this is my song! This shit is all about me!!”

Do this right and you'll see your best prospects immediately reach out and fist bump your calls to action (fist-sized button required).

Is YOUR LANDING PAGE melting faces and building buzz in the same way for your business, product or service?

Have you sequenced your “lyrics” so your newest fans can follow you easily with their eyes and dance down the page?

Have you laid down a beat so thick they tap their screen or click in time to see the solution you have to offer?

If the answer is “YES”, then great!

If it’s “NO”…

…then the last thing you want to do is juggle your way into a wall of drunken belligerence all because you didn’t deliver what your guests expected when they landed on your page.

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