You might read this bizarre demand as yet another ‘wacko’ example of Michael Jackson’s antics on tour.

A snapshot of the cruel and unusual vengeance he unleashed during his 6 month “shun Bubbles” phase.

But you’d be wrong.

It’s something much more delicious…

This request was actually torn straight from the pages of rock star Jack White’s tour rider.

A rider is a list of “creature comforts” that bands attach to agreements they make with promoters. It typically lists food and beverages they want served up in the green room before and after the show.

Some of these requests have swerved off into the OUTRAGEOUS- Mary J Blige’s demand for new toilet seats on every tour stop and Van Halen’s insistence on “no brown M&Ms” come to mind…

But months into his 2015 tour, it wasn’t Jack White’s banishing of bananas that got the presses attention.

It was a front page leak of Jack’s “over the top” request for a GIANT BOWL OF HANDMADE GUACAMOLE (complete with a instruction manual length recipe to follow), delivered to his dressing room before showtime at 5pm sharp.

Now before anyone goes ape shit over the extravagant demands these “prima donnas” make … let’s take a step back and look at the purpose of the perks.

Because it can tell you a lot about why many super successful copywriting clients come across as extremely picky…and why only a few select copywriters get access to and sign deals with these superstars.

It can also help you understand the journey many of these “overnight successes” took to get where they are.

Empathy is everything when it comes to landing 5 or 6 figure writing gigs…. and you’re about to get a BIG CHUNKY SPOONFUL of it right now.

For entertainers, a rider is the first indication they’ve finally “made it”. After years of couch surfing, slurping ramen on bumpy backroads and scraping out a living on stage, these backstage treats are the clues they’ve paid their dues.

Think about your dream client or any startup superstar and the crap they’ve had to slog through.

It isn’t so hard, actually. Just take a look at the gap between where you are now and the “promised” land of big paydays you’re aching for.

Now imagine a MORE SUCCESSFUL VERSION OF YOU having the dreary details of hotel room bookings, laundry and meals (and whatever else you need) taken care of for you while you are on the road.

How much free time and creative space would that give YOU to make new customer pleasing breakthroughs? To build relationships with other mega successful business folks? To connect with your fans?

You may not be a grumpy rock star, but chances are if you’re still reading this... YOU GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE...

Yet after months and years of grinding and struggling perhaps you aren’t enjoying your success yet.

If you’ve been carrying the weight of running a business and slaving away on email campaigns, sales letters, product descriptions, customer facing copy and other writing chores…

…isn’t it time for you to get YOUR just desserts?

Isn’t it time for you to start writing YOUR OWN rider?

Hiring a copywriter on retainer is one of those rewards you can give yourself right now. Not only will it FREE UP TIME, ENERGY & ATTENTION you need to move your business forward….

…the very moment inspiration strikes, all you need to do is reach out to your writer and he or she will write WORDS THAT WIN THE SALE for you.

The beauty of it all is that you get to “GO BANANAS” with new ideas…

…without ever having to worry about inconsistencies in voice and tone that can happen when you hire copywriters at random.

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