I come from Canada where hockey is a religion. And Dolly Parton is a perky crowd pleaser.

(More on that second part in a moment…)

So my city built a huge church for it’s fight lovin’, stick swingin’, beer swillin’ congregation:
A brand spanking new 604.5 million dollar arena called Roger’s Place.

I missed the open house, but when a friend got his hands on a pair of Dolly Parton's tickets, I nearly spat out my drink.

“Dolly’s opening up the building?”

“No, Keith Urban is… but Dolly’s taking the stage the next night. Wanna go?”

Country music is a foreign language to me, but since I love a good laugh, I took him up on the offer for one reason.

The outside chance of seeing Dolly & Sylvester Stallone on the same stage.
In 1984 they teamed up on one of a dozen honky tonk ditties featured in the 1984 movie Rhinestone.

The tune? “Sweet Lovin’ Friends”. A duet now famous for being one of the worst songs of all time.

When you think about it, what could possibly go wrong with getting the biggest guns on the planet into the studio to lay down some... tracks?

Ummm… this:

"You’re all I can handle
And that’s sayin’ a lot…"

"Well you've got the handle
That sure hits the spot…”

(Sources say it was a "closed door" studio session).

Curiously “Sweet Lovin’ Friends” did not win the Razzie for worst original song that year, even though it was nominated.

That honour went to another Sylvester Stallone sung, Dolly Parton penned tune called “Drinkenstein” from the same soundtrack.

While terrible duets in music lead to unintentionally hilarious results…

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p.s. You should really listen to “Drinkenstein”. It’s fucking hilarious.