August 27, 1989.

You might think a surprise release from a member of the biggest hard rock band in the world would be met with a mob of screaming fans.

Mulleted teens and headbanging babes leaning precariously over a hastily assembled barricade, arms out, sharpies in hand…screaming for his signature.

But today would be very different for Guns N’ Roses co-founder Izzy Stradlin.

Instead of fanfare and adoration, he was greeted with scrunched noses of disgust and handcuffs, guilty of a public disturbance no one paid tickets to see.

His publicist followed closely behind, pushing his way through the mikes and cameras shoved in his face, blurting out that all Izzy wanted to do was “express himself”.

The flight attendants clearly thought otherwise.

If you want to know how it all went sideways, we’ll have to hit rewind.

But stick with me.

If you’ve ever behaved badly in front of your audience, there’s a lesson of redemption you can use to bring yourself closer to the customers you’ve offended.

And actually increase sales.

Even if you haven’t been naughty, you can still use the tip I’m about to share to boost your bottom line.

Back to Izzy. 27 years (and one month) ago, the GNR guitarist was on a routine 5 hour flight between Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

Like any hard rocker worth his salt, Izzy tore his way down the first class drink list. And by about an hour and twenty minutes into the flight, it was use the facilities. Which happened to be occupied at the time.

Deciding enough was enough…and that a rock star of his stature simply couldn’t wait.

Izzy lit up a smoke, whipped out his snake (on a plane) and peed all over the food prep galley floor

…much to the shock and disgust of the passengers splashed by this unexpected leak.

Which leads me to this question:


If you have, you already know that apologies can only go so far.

Simply Red’s lead singer Mick Hucknall recently apologized for sleeping with 3000 groupies.

If that ain’t social proof for the extracurricular fun rock stars enjoy, I don’t know what is.

Personally, I’m still waiting for Nickelback to apologize for every album they released.

But if you’ve made your audience cringe or acted like a entitled prick or simply screwed up big time, this is how I remind you that just saying sorry won’t cut it.

The truth is that we are all under pressure to perform. We mess up. It’s human. But in most cases, when we take bad advice from well intentioned friends, we end up digging a bigger hole.

So is there a way to step away from the hole, turn the ship around and leverage your humanity in a way to earn more respect from your fans?

Yes there is. It’s called “reputation management marketing”.

The trick is simple: get in front of your mistake as soon as possible so you can get back to making money. If you do it right, you make even see a sales spike.

I help clients “in trouble” write a mea culpa post they can post on Facebook or their blog.

I help them script a humanizing video so they can explain how they’re going to make things better.

I then work with them to craft a series of 5 emails that helps them win back their fans.

This package isn’t cheap and it isn’t for everyone. It’s not an SEO move to banish bad ratings from your Yelp, Google Reviews etc pages.

It’s strictly a copy play. But it works. Because it’s real.

So unless you have an Appetite For Destruction...

... right now might be the perfect time to zip up your pants, take a few deep breaths and wash your hands of the very human mistake you made.

Contact me today to get started.

Your audience will thank you for it.

Your copyjockey at large,

Craig Dave